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  • Cost reduction
  • Increase in Profitability
  • Trained staff
  • Flexibility to grow
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"This service was born as a need that we see in companies that do not have an IT department (Technologies and IT), although the businesses are in operation, the procedures and information technology services are not aligned with the real needs of the business..."


The main features of our service are

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Trained staff

Our team has experience in all areas such as support, networks, emails, printers, wifi, etc.

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Competitive price

We design a plan according to the size of your company and the needs you have, in this way companies save, since it is not necessary to hire a technician (s) for your company.

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Continuous advice

Technology changes at an accelerated pace, which is why companies can be outdated due to lack of knowledge.

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Experience in various business models

We have staff with knowledge in various business models, this allows work, improvements, proposals, etc. be successful according to the business model.

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Constant feedback

We keep our clients informed of the work and continuous improvements that are made.

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Design of customized solutions

We design and build solutions to the various problems existing in companies according to the needs and capacity of our customers.

Delegating to us your technology department allows you to focus on tasks directly related to the nature and raison d'etre of your business

We are the technological ally of your company

Taking as premise that one of the most important assets of an organization is its information, many companies are not taking care of this asset, all the sensitive information that is generated is in the hands of any person, there is a risk that it may reach the competition

There is no real analysis of investments in technology, often complex systems are acquired that will never use them or do not take full advantage, nor can it be established if the equipment is being used properly or if the expectation is being met by which it was acquired.

With the services of consulting and technical support of Home, it is intended to correct all these problems, it helps to focus efforts on the real needs of the business, define processes and business model, assigning roles and defined responsibilities to all people, with which can have control of operations, have financial savings and increase the productivity of the organization.

Administrators dedicate themselves to doing business while Home ensures that services are reliable and incidents are reduced according to standards and best practices.

Nelson Donis
Commercial Director

We are the technological ally that you and your company need

We ensure the technological continuity of your company

Main activities

The main activities of our service are

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  • User support

    Provide support to users via remote / telephone / email / site with regard to frequent problems of general software or hardware (Servers, Computers, Printers, etc.).

  • Upgrade

    Installation and update of new hardware.

  • Prevention and Correction

    Preventive and corrective maintenance to the computer equipment.

  • Networks

    Administration of the network infrastructure.

  • Servers

    Administration and configuration of servers.

  • Databases

    Administration and configuration of databases.

  • Design and implement a BackUps DB and Files plan

  • Design and implement firewall and antivirus policies

  • Manage the update of the operating system of the machines

  • Monitoring of incidents with external services

  • Proposals for improvements and advice

    We propose improvements to your infrastructure based on our experience and your capacity.

We guarantee an immediate response time.